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Learning to program with Alice
Tác giả: Wanda Dann, Stephen Cooper, Randy Pausch
Alice was designed from the ground up to make contemporary programming concepts far easier to teach - and to learn. In this book, Alice"s creators and key innovators offer a complete full-color introduction to the Alice 3D interactive graphics programming environment.
Interactions 2 : Listening/Speaking
Tác giả: Judith Tanka , Lida R. Baker
Education and Student Life; City Life; Business and Money; Jobs and Professions; Lifestyles Around the World; Global Connections; Language and Communication; Tastes and Preferences; New Frontiers; Medicine, Myths, and Magic; The Media; With Liberty and Justice for All.
Interactions 1 : Listening/Speaking
Tác giả: Judith Tanka , Paul Most
The content of the book discusses the topics: Study Life in the World, Experience Nature, Live to Eat, or Eat to Live, In the Community, Home, Culture of Words, Health, Media and Communication, Social Life, Sports
Introduction to management
Tác giả: RMIT University
The focus of this course will include the foundations of management theories; human perspectives of management; authority and responsibility; competitive perspectives of management; entrepreneurship; and international perspectives of management.
The management of business logistics : a supply chain perspective
Tác giả: John Joseph Coyle, Edward J. Bardi
This text presents fundamental business logistics concepts within a logical, supply chain framework. Its focus on managerial issues blends logistics theory and practical application, and explores emerging topics including new transportation regulations and carrier pricing.
Business and professional ethics for directors, executives &​ accountants
Tác giả: Leonard J. Brooks, Paul Dunn
Offering real-world examples of ethical issues in the workplace, this text gives you insight into the development of sound patterns of behavior on the part of directors, executives, and accountants
The definitive guide to the ARM Cortex-M3
Tác giả: Joseph Yiu
This user"s guide does far more than simply outline the ARM Cortex-M3 CPU features; it explains step-by-step how to program and implement the processor in real-world designs. It teaches readers how to utilize the complete and thumb instruction sets in order to obtain the best functionality, efficiency, and reuseability.
Statistics for managers using Microsoft Excel
Tác giả: David M. Levine, ...
This hallmark text was the first to thoroughly integrate the use of Microsoft Excel as a tool for statistical analysis. The text focuses on the concepts of statistics with applications to the functional areas of business. It is rich in applications from accounting, finance, marketing, management and economics.
Electronic broadcast media in Singapore and the region
Tác giả: John Keshishoglou, Pieter Aquilia
The second edition of Electronic Broadcast Media in Singapore and the Region, offers a comprehensive view of the electronic media scene not only in Singapore, but also in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei. It covers essential information to instill an understanding of the fundamental issues in the structure, operation, regulation, cross border issues and influences and policy of the electronic and broadcast media and the effects and impact on their population.The case studies in this book offer additional perspectives on current issues. At the end of each chapter, Topics for Discussion offer opportunity for students to research issues of interest them.
Global marketing
Tác giả: Kate Gillespie, Jean-Pierre Jeannett, H. David Hennessey
Created specifically for undergraduate students, this concise text covers the essential concepts of global marketing with the aid of extensive real-life examples and cases. An early introduction to culture and marketing prepares students to integrate cultural analysis throughout the course. A chapter dedicated to the understanding of global and local competitors sets the stage for ongoing discussion of both buyers and competitors in an increasingly competitive global market.
Entrepreneurship and small business : a Pacific Rim perspective
Tác giả: Michael Schaper, Thierry Volery
The second edition of this popular text has been thoroughly updated to reflect contemporary developments in small business and entrepreneurship and its applications to Australasian organisations.
International management : text and cases
Tác giả: Paul W. Beamish
An exploration of the experiences of firms of all sizes, from many countries and regions, as they come to grips with an increasingly competitive global environment. It seeks to focus on issues of international management common and important to business people everywhere.
Accounting theory : conceptual issues in a political and economic environment
Tác giả: Harry I. Wolk, James L. Dodd, John J. Rozycki
The Seventh Edition of Accounting Theory presents complex materials in a clear and understandable manner. Incorporating the latest accounting standards and presenting the most up-to-date accounting theory from the top academic journals in accounting and finance throughout the world, this book comprehensibly presents both the theoretical structure of accounting theory as well as the politics of the standard-setting process, which often opposes the theoretical structure.
Applied business research : qualitative and quantitative method
Tác giả: R.Y. Cavana, Brian L. Delahaye, Uma Sekaran
This book introduces students with little or no background in applied research to a deeper understanding of the philosophies that underlie the methods researchers use to acquire, verify and validate information in applied research.
People management : challenges and opportunities
Tác giả: David Rees, Richard McBain
People Management: Challenges and Opportunities examines contemporary issues facing those involved in people management. Postgraduate, specialist Masters and MBA students will find this a challenging and insightful look at the skills required to successfully manage people. Written in a lively style, students will be offered research based practical guidance, illustrated through the use of case studies, exercises and group based assignments.
Organizational behavior : key concepts, skills & best practices
Tác giả: Angelo Kinicki, Robert Kreitner
Developing management skills
Tác giả: David A. Whetten, Kim S. Cameron
This guide to effective managerial behavior is the only one available on the market that teaches students what they need to know to perform well as managers, synthesizes a large body of scholarly research related to each skill topic, and uses a proven learning methodology to help students actually develop and improve management skills. Emphasizing the basic human skills that lie at the heart of effective management, it combines academic knowledge with real world practicality, the key to the book"s proven durability.
The art of leadership
Tác giả: George Manning, Kent Curtis
The book can be described as more than just a textbook. Rather, it is a "learning" book which actively involves the reader in the learning process. The text’s applied approach combines behavior theory with business practice, as each chapter focuses on central concepts and skills in an important area of leadership development.
Communication : a foundation course
Tác giả: Shirley Tyler, Chris Kossen, Charmaine Ryan
For 1st year undergraduate courses providing a broad-based text covering most aspects of communication and providing students with the skills and knowledge to communicate their ideas and thoughts effdectively through written, oral and electronic means.
Marketing research : methodological foundations
Tác giả: Gilbert A. Churchill, Jr, Dawn Iacobucci
Presents coverage of both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of marketing research.

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