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Ổn định công trình
Tác giả: Liều Thọ Trình, Đỗ Văn Bình
Oxford basic English  dictionary
Tác giả: Shirley Burridge
Ôxtrâylia ngày nay
Tác giả: Vũ Tuyết Loan chủ biên… [và những người khác]
Ôxtrâylia ngày nay
Tác giả: Vũ Tuyết Loan chủ biên… [và những người khác]
OCP. Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals II
Tác giả: Guide, Study
Oracle9i DBA Jumpstart
Tác giả: Bryla, Bob.
Organizational Behavior
Tác giả: Kreiner, Robert
Organic reactions
Tác giả:
Oracle XML Handbook (Book/CD-ROM package)
Tác giả: Ben Chang ... [et al]
Operations managemen
Tác giả: R. Dan Reid, Nada R. Sanders
Organization theory and design
Tác giả: Richard L.Daft
In this seventh edition, Richard Daft continues the approach that has made Organization Theory and Design the best-selling text in the field. Throughout the text, concepts and models from organization theory are combined with changing events in the real world to create reading that is enjoyable and up-to-date. Organization Theory and Design includes case examples, recent research, and reviews of current books, creating a complete and up-to-date presentation of organization design today.
Organization theory and design
Tác giả: Richard L.Daft
This edition includes many updates including a new chapter on international issues and revisions of other chapters to include the most recent ideas and events. While organization studies and real world examples are insightful for understanding organizations and solve real-world problems, Daft also integrates numerous features that give learners the opportunity to apply concepts and develop skills and insights.
Organisation theory : concepts and cases
Tác giả: Stephen P. Robbins, Neil Barnwell
Organisation Theory: Concepts and cases, 5e applies organisational theory in an Australian context. The material has been selected and interpreted to assist students in understanding how organisations may be structured and managed more effectively. This best-selling text is known for its applied approach, and is suitable for undergraduate and early stage postgraduate students.
Object-oriented and classical software engineering
Tác giả: Stephen R. Schach
Presents an introduction to software engineering fundamentals, covering both traditional and object-oriented techniques. This book includes coverage of both Agile processes and Open Source Software. It highlights more aspects of the Unified Process. It includes a case study on the Martha Stockton Greengage Foundation.
Organizational behavior : key concepts, skills & best practices
Tác giả: Angelo Kinicki, Robert Kreitner

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