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Nghệ thuật điện ảnh
Tác giả: David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson
Trình bày những vấn đề liên quan đến nghệ thuật điện ảnh: sản xuất, phát hành, chiếu phim, hình thức, loại hình, phong cách phim, phân tích phê bình phim và lịch sử phim ảnh
Producing videos : a complete guide
Tác giả: Martha Mollison
This edition has been fully revised and updated to cover developments in technology, promotion, and distribution. With tips from more than 120 experienced video teachers from around the world, this is the best handbook available for learning the basics of video making. It is an ideal guide for students, and for anyone who has a flip camera burning a hole in their pocket and aspirations to become the next hot new director
Producing Videos: A Complete Guide
Tác giả: Martha Mollison
This updated guide to video production features tips on all aspects of filming from camera operation and placement to digital postproduction techniques. New material stresses the fine points of cutting-edge video techniques such as digital effects, the HOTstudio, and posting video on the Internet. Comprehensive information to help video enthusiasts navigate the difficulties of composition, direction, editing, and distribution is provided. Also explained are techniques for lighting, audio mixing, and successfully budgeting a new production.
The Village voice film guide : 50 years of movies from classics to cult hits
Tác giả: Dennis Lim
For decades the Village Voice set the benchmark for passionate, critical, and unique film coverage. Including reviews by some of America’s most respected critics, The Village Voice Film Guide compiles spirited landmark reviews of the Voice’s selection of the 150 greatest films ever made. Collecting some of the best writing on film ever put on paper, this is a perfect book for film buffs.

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