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the many faces of the superworld
Tác giả: M shifman
universal fuctuations
Tác giả: robert botet marek ptoszajczak
Heavy Elements and Related New Phenomena
Tác giả: Walter Greiner , Raj K Gupta
Asymptotic Symmetry and Its Implication in Elementary Particle Physics
Tác giả: Y. Koide, S. Oneda
In elementary particle physics, there are a number of recognizable underlying symmetries which correctly describe spectacular multiplet structure of observed particles. However, lack of a consistent method to deal with badly broken symmetry has hindered the investigation through symmetry. With this book the authors hope to arouse interest in the approach to broken symmetry from a fresh point of view.
Heavy Elements and related new phenomena
Tác giả: Walter Greiner, Raj K. Gupta
Impedances and Wakes in High-Energy Particle Accelerators
Tác giả: Bruno W Zotter, Semyon A Kheifets

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