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ULSI Semicondutor Technology Atlas
Tác giả: Chih-Hang Tung, Goerge T.T. Sheng, Chih-Yaun Lu
The natural outgrowth of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) refers to semiconductor chips with more than 10 million devices per chip. Written by three renowned pioneers in their field, ULSI Semiconductor Technology Atlas uses examples and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) micrographs to explain and illustrate ULSI process technologies and their associated problems.
Spanish for Dummies
Tác giả: Susana Wald
Learn Latin American Spanish quickly and painlessly
principles and practice
Tác giả: wells spence stone moriarty burnett
101 Real Money Questions
Tác giả: jesse B Brown
5 minds for the future
Tác giả: Howard Gardner
The disciplined mind, to learn at least one profession, as well as the major thinking (science, math, history, etc.) behind it; The synthesizing mind, to organize the massive amounts of information and communicate effectively to others; The creating mind, to revel in unasked questions - and uncover new phenomena and insightful apt answers; The respectful mind, to appreciate the differences between human beings - and understand and work with all persons; The ethical mind, to fulfill one"s responsibilities as both a worker and a citizen
A manager is guide to self development
Tác giả: Mike Pedler
This book is designed as a self-development programme for managers seeking to develop skills such as mental agility, creativity, social skills and emotional resilience. The book is divided into two main parts. The first part outlines eleven key managerial qualities and the second contains practical activities aimed at developing the reader"s skills and abilities. The book has been extended and updated to reflect the challenges faced by managers in the new economy, and also the need to balance work and life.
A guide to everyday economic statistics
Tác giả: Gary E. Clayton, Martin Gerhard Giesbrecht, Feng Guo
The 7th edition Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics is a handy little guide that can be consulted for clarification whenever any of the statistical series dealt with are encountered. The authors examine how different series are constructed and how we may use them effectively. This guide puts statistics in context, so the reader can see how an individual statistic relates to the larger picture. Because of this, students won"t have to read the book consecutively from beginning to end.
A handbook for deterring plagiarism in higher education
Tác giả: Jude Carroll
This comprehensive text provides teachers with all the information and advice that they need to deal with specific issues. In addition, it is full of exercises and tried-and-tested activities to inform and interest both students and academics.
Assessing conditions to enhance educational effectiveness : the inventory for student engagement and success
Tác giả: George D. Kuh, ...
From the authors of Student Success in College ?the book that describes the policies, programs, and practices of twenty colleges and universities that have created success-oriented campus cultures and learning environments?comes the next-step resource to help an institution assess whether these conditions exist. The authors present the Inventory for Student Engagement and Success (ISES), a self-guided framework for conducting a comprehensive, systematic, institutionwide analysis.
Applied multivariate statistical analysis
Tác giả: Richard A. Johnson, Dean W. Wichern.
Appropriate for experimental scientists in a variety of disciplines, this market-leading text offers a readable introduction to the statistical analysis of multivariate observations. Its primary goal is to impart the knowledge necessary to make proper interpretations and select appropriate techniques for analyzing multivariate data. Ideal for a junior/senior or graduate level course that explores the statistical methods for describing and analyzing multivariate data, the text assumes two or more statistics courses as a prerequisite.
Advertising: Concept and copy
Tác giả: George felton
Advertising: Principles and Practice
Tác giả: Wells, Moriarty & Spence-Stone, Burnett
Applied business research : qualitative and quantitative method
Tác giả: R.Y. Cavana, Brian L. Delahaye, Uma Sekaran
This book introduces students with little or no background in applied research to a deeper understanding of the philosophies that underlie the methods researchers use to acquire, verify and validate information in applied research.
Accounting theory : conceptual issues in a political and economic environment
Tác giả: Harry I. Wolk, James L. Dodd, John J. Rozycki
The Seventh Edition of Accounting Theory presents complex materials in a clear and understandable manner. Incorporating the latest accounting standards and presenting the most up-to-date accounting theory from the top academic journals in accounting and finance throughout the world, this book comprehensibly presents both the theoretical structure of accounting theory as well as the politics of the standard-setting process, which often opposes the theoretical structure.
After the car
Tác giả: Kingsley Dennis, John Urry
It is difficult to imagine a world without the car, and yet that is exactly what Dennis and Urry set out to do in this provocative new book. They argue that the days of the car are numbered: powerful forces around the world are undermining the car system and will usher in a new transport system sometime in the next few decades. Specifically, the book examines how several major processes are shaping the future of how we travel
Australian corporations & securities legislation 2012. v. 1
Tác giả: CCH Australia Limited
The Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation assists users in understanding the Corporations Act and how it applies in practice. Volume 1 assists users in understanding the Corporations Act and how it applies in practice. Volume 2 contains the text of State and Territory Supreme Court Corporations Rules and the Takeovers Panel Procedural Rules applicable to proceedings under the Corporations Act 2001 as at 1 January 2012
Administering windows vista security : the big surprises
Tác giả: Mark Minasi
What current Windows experts will find appealing about this volume is that it is not a wide-spectrum survey of Vista: It covers only the biggest security pain points for someone faced with quickly understanding Vista from a technical support point of view. This book is part of the Mark Minasi Windows Administrator Library series.
Australian corporations &​ securities legislation 2013 - V1
Tác giả: CCH Australia Limited
Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation 2013 – Volume 1 assists users in understanding the Corporations Act and how it applies in practice. It references each section of the Corporations Act 2001 to relevant regulations, forms, ASIC releases and Takeovers Panel Guidance Notes. This helps identify the supplementary materials that need to be considered with the Act.
A commands guide for solidworks 2008
Tác giả: David C. Planchard, Marie P. Planchard
This book offers a reference guide that begins with an overview of the software"s concepts and terminology. It facilitates the understanding of the techniques for reusing features, parts, and assemblies through symmetry, patterns, and design tables.

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