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Automotive control systems : for engine, driveline, and vehicle
Tác giả: Uwe Kiencke, Lars Nielsen
This books enables control engineers to understand engine and vehicle models necessary for controller design and introduces mechanical engineers into vehicle-specific signal processing and automatic control.
Automotive handbook
Tác giả: Bosch
The Automotive Handbook, 9th Edition is a quick and easy reference guide for engineers in industry and also for students in automotive engineering
Automotive chassis systems
Tác giả: James D. Halderman
Automotive Chassis Systems, 7/e covers all of the fundamental and advanced brake, steering and suspension system topics, as well as the practical skills that students must master to be successful in the industry.
Auto Engine Performance and Driveability
Tác giả: Chris Johanson
The Auto Engine Performance and Driveability Shop Manual contains thorough coverage of the tasks listed in the A8 Engine Performance area of the NATEF Task List. Each job in this manual is a hands-on activity, and most jobs correspond to one or more of the NATEF tasks. The jobs have been carefully organized and developed to increase the chances of passing the related ASE tests by having the reader apply what has been learned in the classroom. This manual steps through all of the NATEF tasks in the A8 Engine Performance area, which include inspecting, testing, and diagnosing engine, fuel and air induction, ignition, engine cooling, and emissions systems; removing and replacing self-contained components; and removing, overhauling, and reinstalling major components.
Auto electricity and Electronic
Tác giả: Jame E. Duffy
Auto Electricity and Electronics teaches the design, operation, and diagnosis of starting, charging, ignition, lighting, and other major systems. The text stresses the use of on-board diagnostics, as well as conventional meter tests, to find electrical, electronic, and computer-related problems. A chapter on advanced diagnostics covers the latest equipment and techniques used to locate problems. This is a valuable resource to those preparing for ASE Certification Test A6, Electrical/Electronic Systems.
Auto Engine Repair
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