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Design Patterns
Tác giả: Nguyễn Quý Minh
Điều khiển Logic lập trình PLC
Tác giả: Tăng Văn Mùi
Đường lưỡi bò - một yêu sách phi lý + CD
Tác giả: Học viện ngoại giao VN
Digital Photography digital field guide
Tác giả: Davis, Harold
Digital multimedia
Tác giả: Nigel Chapman, Jenny Chapman
Designed as the foundation text in multimedia, this book covers basic principles of each media type - text, graphics, audio, animation and video - describing their digitization and progressing onto issues that arise when media are combined; interaction provided by scripting and multimedia distributed over networks - principally the web.
Director mx : Inside macromedia
Tác giả: Richard Salvatierra
The learn-by-doing approach has proven effective in classroom- and self-paced learning, providing readers with the skills they need to create leading edge, interactive presentations. Comprehensive instruction begins with the basics of Director"s interface and tools, and moves swiftly to exercises that teach readers how to work with text, graphics, other media, and libraries.
Digital photography for 3D imaging and animation
Tác giả: Dan Ablan
This practical and easy-to-follow book showa you how to transform your 3D projects with your own digital photographs and enhance your 3D animation by adding photographs that you’ve composed, lit, and shot. The featured tips and ideas will quickly have you creating quality photographs for use throughout the 3D workflow. From the mechanics of megapixels to the tricks of lighting to the art of finding the best images to shoot, you’ll learn valuable techniques that will transform your designs.
Digital television : technology and standards
Tác giả: John F. Arnold, Michael R. Frater, Mark R. Pickering
This valuable textbook includes problems and laboratories at the end of each chapter and also offers a number of exercises that allow students to implement the various techniques discussed using MATLAB. The authors′ coverage of implementation and theory makes this a practical reference for professionals, as well as an indispensable textbook for advanced undergraduates and graduate-level students in electrical engineering and computer science programs.
Data modeling fundamentals : a practical guide for IT professionals
Tác giả: Paulraj Ponniah
It begins with an overview of basic data modeling concepts, introduces the methods and techniques, provides a comprehensive case study to present the details of the data model components, covers the implementation of the data model with emphasis on quality components, and concludes with a presentation of a realistic approach to data modeling. It clearly describes how a generic data model is created to represent truly the enterprise information requirements.
Data and computer communications
Tác giả: William Stallings
With a focus on the most current technology and a convenient modular format, this best-selling text offers a clear and comprehensive survey of the entire data and computer communications field. Emphasizing both the fundamental principles as well as the critical role of performance in driving protocol and network design, it explores in detail all the critical technical areas in data communications, wide-area networking, ...

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